Frequently Asked Questions


I’m having trouble RSVP’ing on the website.
Please use the full spelling of your name when rsvp’ing. If you are still having problems, contact either bride or groom.

What’s the RSVP password?
You can find the password on the back of your wedding invitation. If you can’t find it, please contact either the bride or groom.

Can I bring a plus one?
Due to limited space, we are not allowing plus ones unless you have already made arrangements with the bride and groom.

Are children allowed?
Sorry, but due to limited space and the logistics of our wedding venue, we kindly ask to leave the little ones at home.

Is there an open bar?
We will have a limited open bar. Wine and beer will be served free all night long. Due to the high elevations of our venue, we strongly advise pacing yourselves!

Is there parking at the wedding venue?
Parking is free at the venue and cars can be left overnight if needed. However, we strongly recommend our guests to take the provided shuttle service to the wedding venue if you plan on drinking. The roads to the venue are winding and unlit, so we strongly suggest taking the shuttle. Please do not drink and drive!

When and where is the wedding venue shuttle service departing?
The wedding venue shuttle service will depart at 4:30pm from Montbleu Resort. Please visit the wedding day itinerary page for more details.

What’s your wedding hashtag?

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