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August 8th, 2020

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Edgewood Tahoe Resort
180 Lake Pkwy, Stateline, NV 89449

About the Bride & Groom

Howard Begosa

Born in the Philippines, Howard immigrated to the US with his family at the age of 7 and grew up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He is a video game designer and Imagineer for The Walt Disney Company. Howard loves to dream big and has an unrealistic desire to build the world’s first party zeppelin.

Brisa French

Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Brisa came to Los Angeles to study fashion design. She is a lingerie designer for Carrie Amber Intimates. Brisa is a cat lover and often volunteers as a kitten foster parent for Best Friends LA kitten rescue.

Our Story

First Time We Met

August 26, 2011

Howard and Brisa first met through a mutual friend at a party in Downtown Los Angeles. They were both seeing other people at the time. It didn't even cross their minds that their paths would soon be intertwined.

A Glowing Connection

March 3, 2012

Six months later Howard decided to reach out to Brisa over Facebook to see if she wanted to paint with glow paints. Much to his surprise, she agreed! Even though Brisa almost accidentally mistook paint thinner for a glass of gin, which would have most certainly ended the relationship early, they had a lovely time creating glowing pieces of what could questionably qualify as art.

We Fall In Love

January 18, 2014

As is evident by the photo, Howard and Brisa have been inseparable since that night of painting. They decided to make their relationship official and have been on nonstop adventures ever since.

Our First Home

June 3, 2016

Goodbye rent! Hello mortgage! Howard and Brisa purchase their first home together in Koreatown. They're pretty much married at this point, really...

A French Proposal

December 24, 2018

On a cold Christmas Eve at the Louvre in Paris, Howard decides to bring it full circle by proposing to Brisa with a secret message hidden in a painting.

Our Best Friends

Dhanai Holtzclaw Best Man

Friends since Howard's 3 year stint in Vegas. He's always been generous of his time and friendship and continues to be a steadfast friend in our lives.

Gino Lang Groomsman

Former roommate. Gino's acerbic humor has always made light of even the hardest of times and has always rooted for us.

Matt Cowdery Groomsman

Howard's younger brother. Matt values family bonds and has constantly supported our relationship.

Tyler Chapman Groomsman

Close Friends. Tyler's creativity and unwavering friendship has always brought joy and excitement to our lives.

Bobby Robertson Groomsman

Former coworker and lifelong friends. With his inquisitive mind and adventurous spirit, Bobby has always been a steadfast friend.

Miranda French Maid of Honor

Brisa's only sibling. Brisa and Miranda were born only 18 months apart, forming an unbreakable bond.

Hannah Hackney Bridesmaid

High school classmate. Time and distance is no feat for Brisa and Hannah's friendship. Hannah has always remained as one of Brisa's closest, dependable friends.

Sharon Cowdery Bridesmaid

Howard's youngest sister. Sharon never forgets the important days of our lives and always reaches out.

Ariana Cowdery Bridesmaid

Howard's younger sister. Brisa connects with Ariana's love for animals which spreads into her thoughtfulness for others.

Julian Davis Bridesman

Roommate & college classmate. Julian always keeps the bride & groom's days bright with his quick wit and humor.

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